SARISKA is not about Tiger, it’s the nearest Lake & Forest destination to Gurgaon/Delhi
PRIM Resorts – Sariska is a virtual haven for wildlife and adventure enthusiasts with a sprawling lake and a National Park.

The best resort in Shimla, located near Vidhan Sabha and just few minutes walk from Mall Road.

So many people come to Manali each year to spend their summer vacations, have fun in and with the snow, and to enjoy sightseeing, trekking and Skiing. Manali is incomplete without a trip to 'Rohtang Pass' - some 52 kms from Manali - famous as the ‘Highest Jeep-able Road in the World’. And most of the visitors more than agree with it. 

The sweet sounding name 'Rohtang' has a sour meaning and dangerous history. Countless people have perished in past in the attempt to cross this high pass inhospitable with snowstorms and blizzard; and that’s what gives it the name Rohtang - the pile of corpses. 

Rohtang Pass, situated at the towering height of 3979 m, connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Covered in thick snow even during summer, offering the thrill of trekking and skiing, it offers the mesmerizing sight of clouds and glaciers beneath your feet. The same pass turns silent as a graveyard during winters, blanketed in thick snow with no sign of life around. foolhardy as it might sound, but this is the most adventure-friendly time to go to Rohtang Pass to witness what a vast ocean of white (snow) can look like. However, this awesome experience happens to be at the mercy of snowfalls.

There are beautiful sights of glaciers, peaks and Chandra River flows down in the Lahaul valley. Slightly to the left are the twin peaks of the Geypan. The pass is open from May/June to October/November each year before the heavy snowfall and intense blizzard throw it out of gear. So May to November can be considered as the best time to visit Rohtang Pass.

Rohtang Pass is accessible by roads from Manali and Kullu valley and the best mode of travel is undoubtedly a Jeep safari.

It is advisable to start early for Rohtang Pass in order to avoid the mad traffic rush and wastage of time. 

The travel desk of PRIM Resorts Manali also arranges the safari for you so that you can have a memorable holiday.

Chail is a small town located 45 km from Solan and 44 km from Shimla, and is popular for hiking. The place gained popularity as it has the world’s highest cricket cum polo ground; even it is liked for its picturesque landscapes, British architecture and awesome weather conditions. For people who like to spend leisure vacations in the lap of nature, Chail is in the list of favorites.
The town spreads over 72 acres, across three hillocks – Rajgarh, Pandewa and Sadh Tiba. You can enjoy amazingly pleasant climate with countryside surroundings, magnificent and panoramic views which makes the visit worthwhile. Chail along with Kufri and Shimla is known as ‘Golden Triangle of Himachal Pradesh’.

Best time to visit Chail

The weather in Chail is pleasant round the year but the best time to visit the place is from March to June and then again from September to early November. The weather during this time is very pleasant, the fresh breeze and the clean surroundings leaves you with awe moments.

What to explore when in chail?

Chail offers many different sightseeing locations; one of the popular places is the Wildlife Sanctuary, a perfect place for nature lovers and wildlife photographers. Yu can get to see different kind of animals Himalayan black deer, common langur, sambar, goral, wild boar, etc. here, even the flora and fauna is amazing. Kali ka Tibba is a popular shrine in Chail, it’s a religious landmark with a very interesting story behind. People from all over the town come to visit the shrine to get blessings.
Other than the locations, there are many trekking trails in Chail. You can enjoy the adventure activity Chail to the fullest; many guided tours are being organized by local agents or you can also ask the resort’s travel desk to arrange the same. The rocky terrains of Chail are covered with the lush carpets of pine and deodar trees, green outfields, captivating natural beauty and stunning view of the mountains makes it a must to do activity.  Angling is also a popular activity which you can enjoy in Giri River, catching fishes can help in spending leisure time in more fun way.

What to eat?

Chail is a small town, so the lists of restaurants are less. You can get good Himachali cuisine here like khoru, patore, babroo, chaa ghosht and murgh anardana that have been long forgotten. For multi-cuisines you can request the PRIM Resorts Chail, where you can get everything on request.  

Where to stay in Chail?

PRIM Resorts is one of the most beautiful, peaceful Resorts in Chail. It is located on a hilltop, surrounded with lush green mountains and picturesque landscapes. The resort spreads over 5 acres of land with serene views, 42 rooms across 19 camps, 8 cottages and 15 luxury rooms which are all well equipped with modern amenities. It also has a conference room to seat 50-60 people, a 7-course high rope adventure activity, Burma bridge, flying fox, climbing wall and much more. Overall, the resort helps you in regenerate your sense in the lap of nature while having a gala time with friends and family.

Recently on my trip to Leh, I came across to some of the unforgettable moments, unbelievable views and unexpected wonderful experiences. The small brick houses, generous people, narrow lanes, colorful flags and desert landscape make the place a perfect destination for every kind of traveler. Here’s is the list of places which you ought not to miss in Leh:


A monastery representing the beliefs and colors of Buddhism to the fullest, it is also popular for ‘Hemis Festival’ which takes place around June-July every year. So, make sure to visit the place for experiencing the celebration of spirituality with music and dance.


12000 ft above sea level, it is a beautiful gurudwara in memory of Guru Nanak on the outskirts of Leh on Kargil road. It is visited by both Hindu and Buddhists; legends say that Lamas found the stone boulders with silhouette of a guru meditating and footprints engraved in it.


It is one of the biggest stupa in Ladakh, it was built by a group of Japanese Buddhist travellers on a hilltop in Chanspa. With time, t became a popular tourist destination not just due to its religious significance but also due to its location surrounded with panoramic views. You can witness the best sunrise and sunset in Leh from this white-domed stupa.


In 1553, the palace was one of the highest buildings in the world. It was built on the Namgyal Hill by Buddhist kings; the architecture of the palace surprises you as it demonstrates the magnificence of the Buddhist culture and religion.


This hill gives you the most unexpected experience in the world, a car or bike going uphill with ignition off. Yes, this is what happens here in the magnetic hill zone, it’s an illusion which makes a downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope.


The charm of old town of Leh cannot be missed, you can easily get lost in the small alley-ways, brick huts with colorful paintings and prayer flags. The unique feature of this town is that there are no windows in the houses.


The Hall of Fame is a place where you get to realize the sacrifices made by the Indian soldiers for making our life easy. The museum provides all the information on army operations here, even stories on our soldiers in the Kargil battle of 1999.


The PRIM Resorts Leh welcomes its guests with great hospitality, it is located in middle of nowhere with has awe-inspiring views of the landscape. It is one of the Best Resorts in Leh, I was over whelmed with generosity of the staff who made sure that I got everything I asked for during my stay. The resort gave me time to relax and re-energize, to end up the trip with good memories and began the normal routine life in a positive manner. 

Scorching heat, the sun burning right on top of your head, sweating around and all those paranoia that summer creates in your mind - put them to rest!  And just when you put these thoughts to rest, hill stations are all that pops up in your mind. So this summer take a break and unwind in the hidden beauty of Palampur in the scenic Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh. A fascinating spot, healthy climate and pine scented air presents a serene and sublime confluence of the lovely plains and the majestic hills.

Palampur in the summers

Palampur is an interesting vacation option for summers, boasting of lush green cover consisting of tea plantations and pine forests. It is also home to some of the tallest deodar trees.  Palampur experiences summer from April to June and the best time to visit this place is the onset of summer. The temperature varies from 8 Degrees Celsius to 30 Degrees Celsius and the climate remains mild and light woollen clothes are recommended.  Palampur is a visual delight during the summers with greenery at every sight. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the metro cities and letting yourself drown into the sublimity of Palampur will prove to be one of your smartest decisions. The climate here is that of sub-tropical type and remains pleasant throughout the summer. As for your stay, you can totally depend on PRIM Resorts with regular amenities, food and up class service. PRIM Resorts will never fail to provide you an exhilarating experience with awesome comfort.

Things to do in Palampur

Though Palampur can be visited throughout the year, the best time to visit is from March to June. Activities ranging from sightseeing, temple visits, adventure sports, shopping etc. can all be done at this green valley. Here is a To-do list for all the fun lovers.

Sightseeing: Most of your time will go in sightseeing, as the place offers a wide range of options. Discover the beautiful architect and sceneries with leisurely walks and treks. Art galleries like Andretta, Sobha Singh’s art gallery, temples of Chamunda Devi, Baijnath Shiva, Tea Gardens, are all apt for sightseeing and will let your soul sublime with the modesty of the environment.

Trekking: Palampur serves you one of the best treks. The famous and endearing Baijnath and Manali Treks pass through the scenic town and are explorers delight.

Paragliding: Imagine yourself 3500 feet above the ground, blue up your head and green beneath your toes, tied to a paraglide for a wild dive in, isn’t that thrilling? Be prepared to give your adrenaline the best rush of your lifetime. Host to the world cup of paragliding; Palampur provides you exactly that.

Angling: Love fish or fishing? Welcome to a plethora of opportunities at Palampur.

Eating: All you food buffs, treat your taste buds at the local eateries for some lip smacking dishes which includes Patroda, Braha flower chutney, Lasiada, and Lungru pakoras. Chinese delicacies are also extremely popular out here.

Photography:  Palampur can also be said to be a photographer’s delight. With all the scenic beauty and gliders up in the sky, it’s impossible to resist the temptation to bring the camera out to capture the precious moments to treasure in future.

Staying with PRIM Resorts

When you select PRIM Resorts in Palampur for your service you are providing us with the chance to let you experience the best. Our trained employees and managers are going to ensure that you are provided with the best of security and also with the best of travelling arrangements. 

Experience Our Pushkar Resort

Prim Resort, Pushkar is the best resort in pushkar equipped with spacious hut rooms that have been tastefully furnished in the traditional style.
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