Rohtang Pass : Highest jeep-able road in the world

So many people come to Manali each year to spend their summer vacations, have fun in and with the snow, and to enjoy sightseeing, trekking and Skiing. Manali is incomplete without a trip to 'Rohtang Pass' - some 52 kms from Manali - famous as the ‘Highest Jeep-able Road in the World’. And most of the visitors more than agree with it. 

The sweet sounding name 'Rohtang' has a sour meaning and dangerous history. Countless people have perished in past in the attempt to cross this high pass inhospitable with snowstorms and blizzard; and that’s what gives it the name Rohtang - the pile of corpses. 

Rohtang Pass, situated at the towering height of 3979 m, connects the Kullu Valley with the Lahaul and Spiti valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Covered in thick snow even during summer, offering the thrill of trekking and skiing, it offers the mesmerizing sight of clouds and glaciers beneath your feet. The same pass turns silent as a graveyard during winters, blanketed in thick snow with no sign of life around. foolhardy as it might sound, but this is the most adventure-friendly time to go to Rohtang Pass to witness what a vast ocean of white (snow) can look like. However, this awesome experience happens to be at the mercy of snowfalls.

There are beautiful sights of glaciers, peaks and Chandra River flows down in the Lahaul valley. Slightly to the left are the twin peaks of the Geypan. The pass is open from May/June to October/November each year before the heavy snowfall and intense blizzard throw it out of gear. So May to November can be considered as the best time to visit Rohtang Pass.

Rohtang Pass is accessible by roads from Manali and Kullu valley and the best mode of travel is undoubtedly a Jeep safari.

It is advisable to start early for Rohtang Pass in order to avoid the mad traffic rush and wastage of time. 

The travel desk of PRIM Resorts Manali also arranges the safari for you so that you can have a memorable holiday.

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