Wildlife of Ladakh

Perched between the two highest mountain ranges of the world, The Great Himalayas and Karakoram, Ladakh is a region that is replete with flora and fauna. Being a naturally blessed place on earth, this tourist destination provides home to many endangered and conserved species. Some of the rare animals found in Ladakh for which people round the globe visit this mighty place include snow leopard, wild yak, ibex, bharal, blue sheep, marmot and mouse hare. Not just this, the land is a habitat for a wide variety of birds, making it an ideal place to visit for avid bird lovers.

Blessed with unique climatic conditions, one can witness migration of exclusive and unusual animals and birds in different seasons. The place with its enchanting wildlife makes a perfect destination to board for photography enthusiasts. The Zanskar range is especially enriched in fauna and flora, the reason for building up of Hemis national park in the area. If you are planning to tour in Ladakh do book a resort in Zanskar range where you can spend hours indulging in your favourite past time, photography of wild and endangered animals and birds. And what better place to lodge than Prim Resort in Saboo Leh, Ladakh which can provide you all, tremendous services, easy connectivity, proximity to wildlife, perfect ambience, unmatched relaxation, comfort and great food. Sprinkled with little herb gardens you can truly relish the ambient atmosphere of Ladakh here. Now that lodging problem is simplified, focus on all the trekking you can indulge in to pamper your eyes with spectacular view of wild animals flawless showing their splendor.

Snow Leopard

The exotic animal that tops the unending list of endangered animals found in Ladakh is Snow Leopard. This rarest wild animal is hunted for its rich skin and exported to Tibetan. You can watch him move freely on this land exuding its elegance and distinct charm.


Tibetan antelope or popularly called as chiru is one of the rarest species on earth. You can find these beautiful creatures roaming in small groups in Ladakh.


Large and intimidating, Yak is a furry animal that is found in cold deserts only. Commonly known as Dong, This wild ox is absolutely more imposing than its gregarious domestic counterpart.


Nyan is the largest and most glorious of wild sheeps in the world. Also known as the Great Tibetan Sheep, this amazing animal is can be located in the eastern part of Ladakh.


The list of most beautiful and most rare birds found in Ladakh goes on and on. Some must-to-mention birds of this list are the Bacterian magpies, desert wheaters, Turkoman rock pigeons, larks, buntings, kite, kestrel, many kinds of finches, geese, ducks etc. Besides these, Ladakh is a habitat for a variety of rare Himalayan birds. You can also notice splendid migratory birds like blacked necked crane making this mighty land its home in summers.


The region serves as a home to more than 310 species of Avifuana. Some of its exclusive creatures are Golden eagle, wall creeper, lamagier, rock bunting, Himalayan snowcock and much more.


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