Visit to Pangong Lake

If you happen to be in Leh-Ladakh and you miss out this fantastic tourist destination, Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake then your trip was definitely incomplete. For lifetime memories, do make a ride for 2.5hours from Leh by your jeep, car, bike anything and visit the lake that is beautifully featured in the movie 3 Idiots by Rajkumar Hirani. Yes, the enchanting waterfront showcased in the movie when gorgeous Kareena rides a scooter and meets Amir Khan is Pangong Tso. Further, the lake is splendidly blessed with natural beauty that is has been pictured in many other movies, to name one, Mani Ratnam’s epic Dil Se. 

Perched 13,900 ft above ground, the lake can be located on the upper reaches of the vast Himalayan Mountain range in Leh, Jammu and Kashmir. This picturesque water body derives its name, Pangong from Tibetan word Bangong Co that means “Long, Narrow, Enchanted Lake”. And as a matter of fact, it truly justifies its meaning with its sprawling nature and amazing hues that change with ever changing climate. 

Enroute to Pangong Tso lies Chang La, the thirst highest motorable mountain pass of the world, 5289 m. One can also enjoy the beautiful Ladakh countryside while driving here. And once the travelers arrive at Pangong Tso, the mesmerizing image of the lake will remain etched forever in their eyes. The lake looks serene in its calmness and stillness. The bright blue waters amidst the rocky lakeshore bewitch the onlookers. The sight of a narrow ramp-like structure of land which runs into the lake has become the favorite attraction amongst the tourists. 

The beauty of this natural water body makes it one of the sought after tourist destinations round the globe and attracts tourists to come and visit. Though the lakes water is saline, it freezes completely in winters making it a wetland. For this very reason, it is being considered for inclusion in Ramsar Convention, a project for conservation of wetlands. When it will happen, Pangong Tso will be the first amongst trans-boundary wetlands in South Asia under convention. 

Its saline nature also makes it lack in vegetation and aquatic life. In fact, there is hardly any water life or vegetation at Pangong Tso but still it has become a home for many exotic migratory birds. You can spot glorious black necked cranes and seagulls on the water of Pangong. The beautiful Brahmani Ducks can also be witnessed breeding on the waters of this magnificent lake. Some other creatures like Ladakhi Marmots, a type of rodent can be found growing here. 

Sixty percent part of Pangong Tso and majority streams that fill the lake are located in Tibet, controlled by China while only 40 percent of the lake is situated in India. Moreover, the line of actual control passes through the lake, thus making it a crucial point of security for both the countries, China and India. This is one of the major reasons for prohibiting boating on the lake. 

But doesn’t matter, if one cannot boat, one sure can click amazing photographs of the marvelous scenery and indulge in some exotic bird watching. The place in short has become a paradise for nature lovers, writers, photographers and adventure enthusiasts. 

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