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Resort side view Sunset as seen from the resort
India is a vibrant place with a plethora of tourist places known worldwide. Each and every destination has something different from the other, which compels you to visit them one after another. Therefore, in the hectic life of daily routines and professional responsibilities, people generally take quality time out to visit these getaways.  One such place is Ramgarh. This is one of the most visited tourist getaway in Uttarakhand. This is the prime location from where you can access other prime hill stations like the Nainital, Bhimtal, etc. Hence, you can visit all exquisite places at one go.
Why Ramgarh?
Ramgarh is emerging as a popular destination of Uttarakhand state as it is one of the hidden jewels of Kumaon region.
Ramgarh is best known for its running Himalayan belt and its orchards, which are famous for lush greenery and quality fruits. The place has best accessed views in the months from October to March. Beautifully situated 5500 ft. above the sea level, it has the beautiful hills and green valleys. It is strategically located on the Bhowli-Mukteshwar road, which has an array of picturesque sceneries and orchards of apple, peaches, Plums and apricots. The town also has divine ashrams and retreats, to savour peace and tranquillity.
The place will take you closer to the Mother Nature. So, if you are stressed and frustrated with the daily hustles and bustle of mechanical life, then you must come to this Himalayan retreat to get inner peace.
Recommended in Ramgarh
Beautiful View
This Himalayan hamlet is just 25 kilometers away from the Nainital District of Uttarakhnad, and it is beautifully surrounded with lush gardens of the fruits like apricot. You can come here in winters to see the fruits ripening and giving heavenly look to the ambience.
Access to Ramgarh
The Ramgarh is accessible from the airport of Patnanagar, which is just 83 kilometers away. Moreover, the other airports are Dehradoon and New Delhi, which are located 312kms and 325kms away.
Resorts to stay in Ramgarh

There are plenty of 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star resorts to book your stay with during the travel, but the one very affordable and feasible is the PRIM Resort-Ramgarh. The resort has extended ambience and luxury to utilize in the nature’s lap. You can avail services like Jacuzzi, spa, and fitness centre, to heal all your worries and exhaustions.  
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